Welcome to Crafty Gemstone Crystals

We are an online crystal store based in Carlow town, Ireland.

I began making suncatchers a number of years ago as a hobby after being introduced to gemstones in a meditation class. I was immediately fascinated by gemstones and knew I had to learn more!

My suncatchers were so popular with family and friends that I set up a Facebook page and an Etsy store and the rest just grew from there.

This meditation class really helped me manage stress from living an extremely busy and hectic lifestyle. It opened up my mind and led me to reassess my life and redirected me to a more holistic and mindful way of living. Your health really is your wealth so self care is a must. Working on not only my physical body but my emotional, mental and spiritual body too as everything is connected. Over the last few years I have also trained as a reiki practitioner having completed my level two to date. I’m loving the journey of getting more in touch with myself through my spiritual practices and learning as much as I can about functional medicine, nutrition, holistic health and spirituality. I am focused on self-care, healing, personal growth, wellness and positive energy. I use my social media to share posts on these topics. Hopefully I can help someone who may need to hear a positive message or even a simple self-care reminder.

After years of requests I finally gave in and now stock many crystals. These crystals are all ethically sourced and top quality. I have been working hard to get the best possible wholesale prices so I can pass these savings on to my customers. Over time I will continue to source more crystals and spiritual gifts to assist you on your own healing and personal development journey! I'm having an absolute blast doing this so a massive thank you to all of my customers.

All of the gifts are cleansed with palo santo before shipping.

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Sending Love,

Anna x