Lemon Calcite Tumbled
Lemon Calcite Tumbled
Lemon Calcite Tumbled
Lemon Calcite Tumbled

Lemon Calcite Tumbled

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Lemon calcite heals the solar plexus chakra. By healing your solar plexus chakra, it sets you on a path of self-discovery. It brings out any problems that you may have buried deep within you and forces you to address them once and for all. Lemon Calcite has tremendous abilities to help you manifest your deepest desires. It amplifies the energies that you send out into the universe, which results in faster manifestations of your dreams. It cleanses the aura of any negative and stale energies. It clears old energy patterns, which is useful if the same things keep happening to you over and over again. This also paves the way to new experiences and opportunities in life.

It can help you connect with your higher self, your angels, or even the divine energies.

Chakra: Solar Plexus
Birthstone: Pisces
Size: between 25cm-35cm | 2.5mm-3.5mm

*Please note that these are natural gemstones, each one will differ in size, shape and colour. Each one has its own unique features. Each tumble stone is intuitively selected, infused with positive reiki energy and cleansed before shipping.

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