Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled
Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled
Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled

Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled

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Moonstone is one of the most beautiful gemstones and symbolizes divine femininity. Originally believed to be frozen moonlight, moonstones are incredibly calming crystals that connect to the Third Eye, Solar Plexus, and Heart chakras.

Moonstones are most recognized for having a transparent, milky appearance, though not all moonstones appear this way. These gemstones come in a variety of colors, each one meaning something different.

Moonstones are revered among monks, shamans, and other spiritualists across many cultures. In Ancient Rome, moonstones were used to illuminate and protect roads at night. In the Hindu religion, Ganesh, god of the moon, has a moonstone embedded in his forehead.

The calming benefits of the moonstone are perhaps its most impactful properties. Moonstones are particularly useful at helping you fall (and stay) asleep. In ancient Tibetan culture, moonstones were used as medicines for anxiety attacks and other mental health problems. 

Moonstones help us be more open-minded and in tune with our feelings. Rising anger and other powerful emotions can be easily spotted and nipped before growing out of control. Moonstones are said to connect us better to others. They encourage us to show vulnerability and ask for help.

The moonstone is often called the “Stone of Lovers,” capable of helping us through all relationships. People struggling in their friendships often use moonstones to realign their emotions.

Moonstones increase passion and sensuality.

Size: 20-30mm, 2-3cm, 0.78'-1.2'

*Please note that these are natural gemstones, each one will differ in size, shape and colour. Each one has its own unique features.

This listing is for one tumblestone. Gemstones are randomly selected.


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